Statement of Publication Ethics

Research ethics and consent

All research that is published in SRP journals must have been carried out ethically and in accordance with national and international standards.

Research involving humans: All study protocols must get ethical approval from the local institutional review board (IRB) or another suitable ethics body before the study can begin to ensure it complies with local, national, and international standards for human subjects research. The manuscript must contain a statement reiterating this, together with information on the name of the ethical committee and, if available, reference or permit numbers.

Research involving animals, plants, and heritage sites: 

Vertebrate or controlled invertebrate studies, field studies, and other non-experimental animal research must have been approved by the institution's animal use and care committee or appropriate institutional ethics committee before being conducted. The conduct of research processes shall be in accordance with all applicable national or international regulations. In order to access lands for field investigations, authors must also acquire all relevant permits.