Unraveling the Challenges of Oxidative Stability and Methods for Assessing Oxidation of Commercial Oils: A Review


  • Iqbal Ahmed University of Bologna, Italy https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4068-2811
  • Muhammad Furqan Farooq University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Iqra Rani University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Hira Zulfiqar Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Ijaz Hussain University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Hunain Zulfiqar University of Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • Abid Jan Department of Chemistry, Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan




Edible oils, oxidative stability, shelf-life, factors effecting oxidation, analytical techniques, oxidation products


Edible oils are among the most crucial nutritional constituents as these are utilized for frying or cuisine. Though, these oils are prone towards oxidative deterioration from manufacturing to transportation due to environmental exposure as well as storage conditions which result in generation of different types of oxidation products. The generation of primary and secondary products result in harmful impacts on human health and may also result in cardiovascular diseases in consumers. The mechanism of oxidative deterioration cannot be assessed easily due to complexity of the reaction under which it may take place. Different types of approaches have been proposed to determine the products generated as a result of oxidation so that safety for their user can be assured. Different types of analytical techniques can be employed in addition to chemical methods so that analysis of oxidative deterioration can be done completely. The proposed study is aimed to assess the oxidative stability of oils in addition to the factors which can influence oxidation of these oils under different conditions. This review also summarize the classical and advanced state of the art analytical techniques which has recently been developed in different possible ways and effectively can be employed for analysis of oxidative deterioration of edible oils. This article possibly will oblige as a reference in the assortment, establishing, and enhancement of approaches for investigating the oxidative stability of edible oil.



DOI: 10.56946/jce.v2i01.131

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Ahmed, I., Farooq, M. F., Rani, I., Zulfiqar, H., Hussain, I., Zulfiqar , H., & Jan, A. (2023). Unraveling the Challenges of Oxidative Stability and Methods for Assessing Oxidation of Commercial Oils: A Review. Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 2(01), 52–97. https://doi.org/10.56946/jce.v2i01.131



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