About us

Welcome to Science Research Publishers

Science Research Publishers (SRP) aims to provide a platform for researchers to effectively and efficiently publish their valuable research. It encourages researchers from various fields to publish their work and exchange knowledge in a safe environment. Through online publication, this aims to save researchers' time while showcasing their talent globally. An up-and-coming publisher called Science Research Publisher offers peer-reviewed research journals for a variety of academic fields. Our group of seasoned publishing experts works to uphold the highest standards of peer review for our publications. As a result, we aim to cover scientific research broadly while keeping you informed of the most recent studies.

Currently, we have several  journals, as mentioned Below.

(1) Journal of Soil, Plant and Environment

(2) Journal of Chemistry and Environment 

(3) Journal of  Zoology and Systematics

(4) Journal of Environmental and Energy Economics 

If you want to be our part and if you have new journal ideas, you can contact us at the following email: thesrp.journals@gmail.com with your proposal.